PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Twenty-five-year-old Kylie Mozley was working behind the counter at a sports bar Tuesday afternoon when a co-worker returned from a break with news that left them shaken.

“One of the girls from work — she actually came in telling me about 3 p.m. — she saw somebody get hit on the road,” said Mozley.

Later that evening, Mozley would learn her maternal grandfather was the victim.

“I didn’t know it was my grandpa,” said Mozley, who is the eldest of Paul Mozley’s three grandchildren.

Cushing and Mozley family 2003
(Photo courtesy: Kylie Mozley)

She works two miles from the 5500 block of Princess Anne Road and Parliament Drive, which is the spot where police say a suspected drunk driver plowed into Paul Mozley, who was riding a bicycle.

Paul Mozley is under treatment at the Intensive Care Unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Kylie, her mother Melissa Mozey-Cushing, and her brother Paul Mozley III spoke with 10 On Your Side two days after the incident.

Sentara Norfolk General Emergency Department_719976

“He’s not responsive to their neuro exams; like, if they ask him to open his eyes — he can’t do that,” said Mozley-Cushing. But, she added, he does respond to pain that occurs, for example, when he is pricked with a needle.

Family members say they have been told if Paul Mozley’s brain can recover from the trauma, the rest of his body will recover.

Family members say he appears to respond to the sound of Kylie’s voice and he appeared to respond Wednesday when the family played one of his favorite songs.

“I really sensed something, [we] just prayed and spoke life to him. Just spoke life to him — let him know we were taking care of his little dog — just whatever just might get through,” said his son Paul III.

Police say 38-year old Stephen E. Davis responsible; he faces three charges related to the crash.

“I was, and I am, still angry. It’s something that I’m working through because it does not help to hold on to anger. We talk about it and we pray about it — nobody wants to hold onto it. We even pray for the guy [Davis],” said Paul III.

As family members pray for medical progress, they are grateful for the support from family and friends who have reached out on social media.

“If it were not for the support we are receiving through social media and text messages, we would be in a lot more devastating place. It [the support] feels like a blanket wrapped around our family and the love and prayers and concern from around — it’s really powerful,” said Paul III.

The suspected drunk driver is due in court March 11.