PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Caught on camera: home security footage shows a bold robbery that took place Sunday night. 

The homeowner had no idea something happened until the next day.

“He handed me a backpack and said, ‘I found this on the steps of my church’,” she said.

The woman doesn’t want to be identified, but says a good Samaritan returned her backpack, which had her name inside. That’s when she took a look at her security footage.

“I scrolled through the video cameras and I saw what happened and it was a shock,” she said.  

The video shows two men on her front porch. They move to her back porch and finally leave with a backpack. She realized she was upstairs when this happened.

She said, “To me, it was worse than somebody opening up a car door and taking something from your driveway.”

She is a cautious woman who has several security measures in place.  She said, “They had to scale both sets of privacy fences.  There’s wire to keep them from being able to get a foothold on my privacy fences.  I have cameras, I have alarm systems in my home, I have a pitbull.”

However, she also knows this could happen to anyone.

“If I did have the dog door secured so that they couldn’t crawl in, they would’ve broken in a window,” she said. “They could’ve easily broken a window, barged their way in.”

While the crime is upsetting, she says this was the best outcome because if she was downstairs, things would’ve ended much differently.

“No one was hurt, nothing of sentimental value was taken,” she said. 

10 On Your Side reached out to Portsmouth police, who said they are investigating.  If you recognize either man, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.