PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Beginning Monday, June 20 Virginia State Police will provide patrol and investigative resources to Portsmouth police. This comes after Portsmouth police announced earlier this month they plan to update their crime prevention plan, to tackle violence in the city.

The extra assistance is all a part of revamping Portsmouth’s crime prevention plan. Police told 10 On Your Side it’s a collaborative effort with several agencies throughout Hampton Roads. The plan highlights seven different tactics to keep the city safe and the list is growing.

Officers have upped patrols in high-crime areas. They have also increased their participation in civic league meetings and community events. This goes hand-in-hand with Operation Safe Neighborhoods, a nationwide initiative that focuses on the most violent problems in communities and how to stop them.

Portsmouth police also conducted Operation Red Ball. It was a combined task-force with the ATF, FBI, DEA, State Police and U.S. Marshals Service. All secondary functions within the department were temporarily suspended as officers focused on getting illegal guns out of the community. Chief Renado Prince has previously said the taskforce is highly successful, but not sustainable over long periods of time because it’s an all-hands-on-deck approach.

Another tactic the department utilizes are its school resource officers. All SROs have gone through gang-resistance training. The Portsmouth Police Department also recently used violence interrupters and trauma counselors, after instances of violence, in an effort to keep people from retaliating. This coincides with the mobile integrated health program that provides resources to those who need it most.

Earlier this month, Prince addressed recent shootings and reassured the community he’s doing everything he can to fight crime.

“We’re the ones that arrest people that violate the law. That’s our primary function, regardless of what anybody’s saying we’re doing that, but we still see these people on the streets,” Chief Prince stated.

An initiative that hasn’t quite started yet but is in the works is Operation Cease Fire. It’s a video collaboration with parents who have lost their children to gun violence.