PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The “help wanted” sign is up all over Hampton Roads. That includes the up-and-coming Rivers Casino in Portsmouth.

They’re holding a series of job fairs, which started with one fair Thursday searching for people wanting to work the tables.

“What lured me here was … the great reviews I heard of this place,” said Arlicia Edwards, a job-seeker who attended the fair Thursday.

The Rivers Casino in Portsmouth kicked off its hiring campaign with a big push to hire dealers for the table games.

“This could be awesome that I could learn from entry-level and work my way up,” said Edwards.

Edwards showed up as soon as the doors were open, looking to hit the jackpot.

“We will train for skill set. But we are looking for that passion,” said Roy Corby, general manager of Rivers Casino Portsmouth.

Edwards has never stepped foot in a casino and has no experience but has the passion

“I did not apply for this position just to fill it. I am in it for the career. I am confident in my abilities that I can work solo, or with a team. To the best of my abilities,” Edwards said.

So far, the casino has received over 1,200 applicants online and from the Thursday morning session, close to 500 walking in.

Sot “We are going to need somehere near 250 dealers. We are going to need around 70 security officers. Wiater waitress and bar staff your looking at another 200.”

Nats sot “I recently retired and im looking for another career.”

Matt woolsey made a career in customer service and as far as coming out of retirement and working at the casino he is all in.”

“I think when you are dealing with the public, particularly with people that are going to lose money, you have to have customer service skills to diffuse situations at times and to be friendly with customers and to make them welcome and warm,” said Matt Woolsey, a job-seeker.

The casino is expected to be open in the beginning of 2023.

The casino is looking to hire close to 1,300 employees with four more job fairs over the next few months.

The next fair is for hospitality workers. It will be held Wednesday, June 22nd from 9 a.m. to noon and 4-8 p.m. It will be at Tidewater Community College in Portsmouth.

More of the casino’s job fairs can be found here.