PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The coffee, just like the politics in Portsmouth, comes in extremes.

Longtime Portsmouth resident and music instructor Sonny Edward says the extremes have been consistent over many years. “This has been going on for a long, long time and it’s a shame because Portsmouth has wonderful people,” said Edward.

The day after Independence Day, the brand new city manager, Tonya Chapman, fired Police Chief Renado Prince.

Chapman issued a statement following Prince’s ousting saying that she did not take the decision lightly.

Read Chapman’s full statement HERE.

Councilwoman Lisa Lucas-Burke was piping hot when some of her colleagues put Chapman in charge during a chaotic city council meeting last month. Her emotional comments, delivered before a packed city council chambers, were not suitable for children or a television news broadcast.

So far council members Lucas-Burke and Mark Whitaker have no comment for 10 On Your Side regarding the latest developments, but Councilman Bill Moody is now on the record.

“The firing of Chief Prince is not sitting well with the community. I am disappointed with the sudden decision,” said Moody. “I had no idea this was coming, in fact, I was with the Chief at a July 4th event in Cradock and I don’t think he was aware [that termination was imminent].”

Mayor Shannon Glover also had no comment, but the former mayor is on the record. Kenny Wright told 10 On Your Side he supports the city manager 100%.

“She deserves the opportunity to put her team in place to move our city forward! I’m looking forward to her leadership!”

Along the 300 block of High St., the street sweeper known as ‘Al 300’ has met the new city manager.

“She got a job to do, he got a job to do, so I just figure it was something internal had to be taken care of,” said Al 300.

New Portsmouth resident Ginni Hoch is catching up on politics and the police.

“I did read that he was trying to implement a new thing to help with like the violence in the city so I don’t know if it was not working or if they did not like what he was implementing,” said Hoch.

Mike Holley, the president of The Portsmouth Fraternal Order of Police, told 10 On Your Side the organization will issue a statement on Prince’s termination later this week.

Former Chief Prince is scheduled to appear at a Town Hall on Violent crime Thursday night at New First Baptist Church in Taylorsville. Organizer Barry Randall told 10 On Your Side says he remains hopeful Prince will participate in a panel discussion that includes state and local law enforcement officers.

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