PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Portsmouth City Council voted on Tuesday to spend $300,000 to investigate how the city used the American Rescue Plan Funding.

The city council vote to investigate the forensic audit was 6-1, with Mayor Glover in opposition. The vote for the forensic audit comes after $80,000 worth of gift cards that were purchased using the American Rescue Plan Funding were unaccounted for.

In May, senior citizens, low-income families, and students were eligible to receive the gift cards, with proof of vaccination.

There was a big turnout with hundreds lined up outside the Portsmouth Sportsplex to receive a card that had a $100 or $500 dollar value.

More than 16 thousand gift cards were purchased.

The audit will be looking into the city’s expenditures of the ARPA funds, which includes procurement processes and procedures. An assessment of the public utilities billing will also be performed in the audit.

During a city Public Works Session in early December, Portsmouth City Manager Tonya Chapman said there was not a system in place to keep track of the cards after more people showed up than anticipated to receive a gift card.

The City says the audit is a deep inspection that puts a microscope on each step taken regarding the gift cards.

It’s unclear how many cards are missing, but the city wants answers.