10 On Your Side obtained the criminal complaint in this case. Click here for that coverage.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A woman has been charged with accessory after the fact and obstruction after a man was fatally shot outside a daycare Thursday morning in Portsmouth.

Rocco Nixon, 34, was found shot in the 3500 block of King Street outside the Gifted Minds Academy just before 8 a.m. and had life-threatening injuries. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, but later died.

The shooting suspect still hasn’t been identified as of Friday morning, but police said they have charged a woman, Angel Peterson-Bryant, with accessory after the fact of murder second-degree and obstruction of justice (material false statements) in the case. She was located Friday morning and is being held at the Portsmouth City Jail without bond.

Angel Peterson-Bryant (Courtesy of Portsmouth City Jail)

WAVY obtained a copy of the criminal complaint in this case. It states Peterson-Bryant admitted driving the shooter to the location where

A source confirmed with 10 On Your Side’s Andy Fox that the man, since identified as Nixon, was going to pay a bill at the Gifted Minds Academy when he was shot as he got out of his SUV. 10 On Your Side was told that 15 children attend this daycare, but no children were inside the daycare at the time of the shooting, according to a source.

No bullets struck or went inside the daycare facility.

However, the victim’s children were in his car when the shooting took place. They were physically unharmed.

What happened out here had nothing to do with the Gifted Minds Academy. 

No one was hurt inside, and no shots were fired inside.  

When 10 On Your Side got on scene a white Ford was parked out front with its windshield wipers still going.

“What I saw that happened, I heard the shots. I heard the shots. I saw a man lying on the ground,” said a woman familiar with the incident, who didn’t want to be identified or seen.

A source confirmed the man who was shot is not usually seen at the Gifted Minds Academy. Another source added that he was delivering a check payment for daycare services for his children.

“They (police) were telling me he was here to make a payment,” said one source. “I did know a payment was due.”

Seven evidence markers were found on the lawn that police put up as part of their investigation.  

At the time the victim was critically wounded. 

“My attention was mostly for the man laying on the ground,” a source said. “He didn’t tell me he had children in the car. I could see the children. I could see the children in the car.” 

Asked whether he recognized the man on the ground, the source said that “after they told me who it was, and I saw the structure of his body, then I knew he was, yes.” 

The source said they could see the children in the car.

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