PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Andre Rawls lives in arm and leg pain every day; his family lives in emotional pain. Rawls, now 20 years old, spent a month at Sentara Norfolk General where doctors treated him for five gunshot wounds to his right arm and both legs.

Months later, family members say the shooting and chronic health issues were too much for 71-year-old grandfather Henry Rawls Sr.

Courtesy – Rawls Family

“My dad passed away October 1st from a massive heart attack. Seeing his grandson in the hospital being tased and the [shooting] took a lot out of my dad. Lord rest my daddy’s soul.”

Courtesy – Rawls Family

Without Henry Sr. by their side, the Rawls family stood before a Portsmouth Judge on Friday who is considering the facts in the case.

Police say on the morning of June 19, Rawls, while holding a sharp object was shot and tased as he allegedly advanced toward the officer. Rawls says he had an out-of-body experience as paramedics worked to save his life.

“I just remember I was on the ground…and like police came an ambulance picked me up and that’s what I remember,” said Rawls.

Regina Mobley: You see this on the news quite often, people getting shot by police and not surviving. When you see these stories, how does it affect you?

Andrew Rawls: It’s sad to see and I just thank God that I survived.

In a brief hearing, the court agreed that Rawls is competent to stand trial, but because examiners failed to determine his state of mind on June 19, the judge ordered another exam.

Regina Mobley: Does it appear to you that your son was in crisis at that time?

Kennette Rawls: Absolutely, he was absolutely in crisis at that time.

Rawls is under mental health care and physical therapy. The officer who opened fire is under investigation by State Police.

Rawls is due back in court next month on charges of attempting to injure the officer and attempting to enter a home to commit a crime. Based on the results of the mental health examinations, a judge could advance the case to a preliminary hearing.