PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Earthquake victims in Turkey are still suffering more than 100 days after the disaster that killed tens-of-thousands.

Locally-based relief organization Operation Blessing has been at ground zero for more than three months offering help and hope to devastated families.

“They’re just wanting to be kids and the parents are so in need and in desperation of – how you know, how I’m going to feed my kid and I lost everything,” said Diego Traverso of Operation Blessing.

Traverso and his Operation Blessing team have so far distributed more than 10,000 hygiene kits, and more than 20,000 food boxes. They serve up hot meals by the hundreds to families every day.

Sadly, he told WAVY, there is no light at the end of the tunnel as rebuilding can’t even begin until all of the rubble is hauled away.

“It looks like it’s never going to end,” he said. “It’s one building after another after another and another and the pollution with that is crazy too.”

Operation Blessing has provided medical care for more than 3,00 patients and is setting up laundry facilities and water filtration systems in two tent communities that house about 75 people each.

“This is a good example of how a little thing which is not crazy expensive,” Traverso said. “It can change 75 families you know in one place, you know water is life and its changing their lives.”

They will stay he told WAVY, until they run out of money…offering help and hope with each box, bag and hug.

Said Traverso: “You change the world one life at a time you know.”

Want to help?

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