UPDATE: The inmate who escaped from Portsmouth City Jail on Thursday night is back in custody, law enforcement sources say.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Have you seen the man who escaped from the Portsmouth Jail? Portsmouth police and deputies are desperately searching for Dovon Jones.

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10 On Your Side now has more information on what happened.  

It’s real simple. According to Portsmouth Sheriff Michael Moore, one of his deputies stopped watching Inmate Dovon Jones. Jones took advantage of it and escaped. 

“We are in the middle of the investigation to determine his whereabouts,” said Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office Lt. Col B.E. Wilson.  

But how did this happen? 

“Inmate Jones was supposed to be escorted to a portion of the jail where he would receive a phone call,” Lt. Col. Wilson said.  

Apparently, the deputy, working his last day on the job, took his eyes off Dovon Jones.

“He was able to find a portion of the facility that is not currently used and was able to leave out a door in that portion of the building.” 

It is unsure whether Jones had staked out his escape route, but what happened clearly a violation of policy, 

“Policy and procedures for inmates being escorted, those individuals are supposed to be under the watch of deputies, and should never be left unattended,” Wilson added. 

When asked why Jones was left unattended, Wilson responded directly.

“Not yet. Why he was unattended that is under investigation.” 

Also unknown, certainly there are surveillance cameras, but those have not been shown to reporters. Sheriff Moore says he thinks Jones left through an unsecured door, but elevator shafts were also investigated. 

According to court documents that show a female’s battered face, Jones was to appear in court on July 14 for maliciously wounding the mother of his child.  

He was also charged with abduction and strangulation among other charges. 

In addition, there was a restraining order against him filed by the mother of their child. 

“In regard to the legal matters involving Mr. Jones, we have contacted family, friends, and individuals that are close to him,” the Lt. Col. added. 

There has been an extensive search for Jones already.

“For whatever reason, we have this issue in front of us. It is our intent to make sure Devon Jones is caught. It is our intent to get all the information on what happened. We are truly transparent, and we want to make sure we get the information out to the public,” Lt. Col. Wilson added.  

Anyone with information on Dovon Jones’ whereabouts should immediately dial 911 to report the same.

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