PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The organizer of a GoFundMe page for Chris Green — the man injured when a Confederate soldier statue was pulled down during a protest in Portsmouth — says he is making strides in his recovery.

On Monday, the two-month anniversary of his injury, the GoFundMe page had a new update saying Green is now at a rehab hospital and had his tracheostomy tube taken out.

Green is also now conscious, showing emotion when appropriate and feeding himself some foods.

He is also working to be more independent and relearning how to walk and speak.

The GoFundMe has raised nearly $55,000 for Green and his family.

Here’s the full text of the update:

It’s been 2 months since Chris’s accident. The last update I provided was a month a go and wanted to provide another update. Chris is doing awesome at the Rehab Hospital thanks to the Lord, prayers, and the resilience of Chris. Chris had a tracheoemy put in due his injuries but with the power of Jesus his trach was removed last week. Chris is now conscious and aware of his surroundings. He’s is able to feed himself semi solid foods and his able to drink from a cup independently. Chris is showing emotion by smiling and laughing when appropriate. He can understand what is being told to him or asked of him as well. Chris is also doing amazing with trying to be independent with the other daily things we do. The therapist are continuing to work on his walking and speaking ability which he is not doing fully yet. Again, I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. It’s truly appreciated. We still have a long journey but I know God is still working on Chris and is not done.”

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