PORTSMOUTH, Va (WAVY) — Just as kids are getting out of school and ready for summer fun, many are being sidelined by viral illnesses.

CHKD is warning patients of longer wait times at Urgent Care centers and telling parents that many viruses can be treated at home.

Dr. Wendy Schofer, CHKD Urgent Care Pediatrician told 10 On Your Side they are seeing, “[A] lot of cough and cold, lot of vomiting and diarrhea, and so its kind of like the respiratory illnesses the GI bug, everything in between.”

Those viruses that went into retreat during the pandemic are apparently back – all at once. Covid is still out there too. CHKD reports of those children tested for COVID-19, 9% came back positive in the last week of May.

“One thing that we’ve learned over the last two years is if you’re sick, don’t go off to work, don’t go off to school,” Dr. Schofer said adding that the key to containing any virus is to stay home.  

“We have so many tools at home and the best tool is really just the love and the care of a parent. The thing that I’ve always looked at more than anything is my own comfort as a parent. Do I feel that things are going in the right direction?,” Schofer said.

Infants two months and under, she told 10 On Your Side, should be seen if they have a fever over 100.4. Otherwise, fever is not a bad thing. It’s the body fighting the infection. If the fever doesn’t go away after a couple days, she said, call the doctor.

The other concern is hydration.

“If they’re not peeing like normal, that’s something that we really need to make sure we are keeping an eye on, hydration, and that’s something that should be checked out.”

You can always take an at-home Covid test and masks the doctor says are still an option for controlling a lot of the viruses they’re seeing.

If your child does need to be seen at Urgent Care, you save yourself some time and aggravation by going online to check the wait time and save your spot before you head out.