PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — After months of discussion about a supposed $80,000 of missing federal money, Portsmouth councilmembers were told Tuesday night there were no missing American Rescue Fund gift cards — and that there would be no further discussion.

“There were no missing cards. Zero,” said Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover.

After allegations that $80,000 worth of gift cards went missing, the city audited the gift card program. They said they checked packing slips, purchase invoices, signed confirmation forms and other items, and the finance committee said there were no missing cards.

“For me, it came to the core of trust in government and what we are doing to ensure that we are being good stewards for the people who elected us,” Glover said.

The mayor insisted the matter be put to bed, but some councilmember had more questions — particularly about tracking who received the cards in question.

“The issue was not dealing with the missing cards. The issue was dealing with accountability. I think that’s really at the crux of the issue,” said Dr. Mark Whitaker.

But those answers don’t appear to be coming anytime soon.

“As we conclude this discussion, that is what needs to be done. So that matter is closed,” Glover said.