PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — You may not see them during the daylight hours in downtown Portsmouth but when the sun sets, the Seawall is where many homeless residents spend the night.

As cities, large and small, struggle to solve the constellation of problems associated with homelessness; Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover and Volunteers for the Homeless recently delivered food and other items to the waterfront in a log-cabin-style mini pantry.

A passersby applauded the effort to show compassion to the homeless.

“I think it’s great; I think anything that can be done to help our fellow humans we should do it”, said an unidentified woman in Portsmouth.

Norfolk has a similar pantry, stocked with toiletries, inside the Slover Library in the heart of downtown.

While these efforts do not begin to address poverty, substance abuse, mental illness, and other issues that are part of the homelessness package — they send a message about compassion.

“Fostering a sense of solidarity and support among the residents and offering a helping hand to those facing challenges and promoting a spirit of giving and empathy,” Glover said in a YouTube video.