PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Portsmouth Police continue to investigate a shooting that has left a teen with serious injuries in the 3800 block of Headwind Lane Monday evening.

Police confirmed to WAVY’s Andy Fox Tuesday that the 17-year-old victim is still in the hospital in critical condition.

The call came in at 7:01 p.m.

Neighbor Edward Drue, a nurse at the VA, ran to help.

“I got some towels and tried to administer first aid to him to hold the towels on the wound so he would not bleed out,” Drue said.

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified knows the victim.

“He is 17 years old. He and my daughter the same age. They go to school together,” the neighbor told WAVY. “He is a good boy, not a troublemaker to me.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, Portsmouth Police were at the scene and found more shell casings on Breakwater Drive.

They found five, and earlier in the day Portsmouth Police were on scene searching for bullet casing evidence after gunfire brought down a teen while walking his dog.

“We heard 10, 15 shots, and my girlfriend ran in the house and shut the door,” said neighbor Edward Drue.

Drue and his girlfriend went upstairs when suddenly, moments later, they heard noise in their backyard.

“She looked out the window and she saw the young man laying right there, and she said, ‘Drue there is someone laying back there in the yard,'” Drue said.

That someone was a 17-year-old high school student who had been out walking his dog on Breakwater Drive when neighbors say he was attacked.

10 On Your Side has been told the victim was shot on the sidewalk, and then ran for his life down a grass alleyway neighbors call “The Fairway.” He made it about 80 yards to Drue’s backyard, where he collapses.

The victim was shot several times, and it turns out Drue is a nurse at the VA hospital.

“I got some towels and tried to administer first aid to him,” Drue said. “So I held the towels on the wound, so he wouldn’t bleed out.”

Apparently bleeding out was a real possibility. Drue says the victim was shot at least five times.

“He was shot in the stomach, the hips, the leg, and the back,” Drue said.

Drue kept the victim alert as he was dozing off.

“We had to keep him conscious so he was breathing,” Drue said, “and I asked him what is your name. We were talking to him just so he would stay conscious.”

Drue said he never really answered their questions.

A neighbor who doesn’t want to be identified said that “he was out walking his dog like he always does, and he was walking the dog he looked up two cars came up and they jumped him, guns started shooting, and he ran.”

The 17-year-old is friends with the neighbor.

“He is 17 years old, and he and my daughter are the same age,” the neighbor said. “They go to school together. He is a good boy. I have been out here 12 years. He must have been six years old when I moved in. He’s a good boy, not a troublemaker to me.”

Neighbor Carla Debrough knows the violence will not end, but wishes it would.

“I just want to see the crime to stop,” Debrough said. “It is going to take the community and the police working together to stop.”

No suspect information has been released. This shooting remains under investigation. Call Portsmouth Police with any information that could help the case.