NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The owner of the Norfolk property where seven people were shot, two fatally, on Saturday night says the tenants were traveling and away for the weekend.

Dietrich Heyder told WAVY’s Andy Fox that he believes someone who knows the tenants knew they’d be gone and decided to throw a party at the home on Killam Avenue. They promoted it on social media, and some people showed up with guns.

“First, there was an unauthorized break-in, and then every person who entered that property was a trespasser,” Heyder said. “And evidently they all had guns and started shooting.”

The victims were later identified as 25-year-old Zabre Miller and 19-year-old Angelia McKnight. Norfolk State University said McKnight was a student there, along with some of the students who were hurt. No ODU students were injured.

Heyder says one of the victims was killed inside the property and another was killed outside.

Heyder, who says he learned about the incident on Sunday morning, didn’t say whether he believes the tenants were innocent or not, but he has decided to terminate their lease.

“Insurance will get this cleaned up as quick as we can and we’ll rent this place out to good people who will take good care of the property and be good neighbors to the citizens of Norfolk,” Heyder said. “I believe they knew [whoever broke in and held the party], the police will have to find out of course. All of these questions need to be answered.”

Andy Fox will have more from the property owner and other details coming up.