VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) — Virginia Beach not only gets a shout out in Drake’s new album “For All the Dogs,” it’s the name of the opening track.

Though it doesn’t seem to be the diss track directed at Virginia Beach native and rival rapper Pusha T like some predicted, at least not explicitly.

Instead, the collaboration with Frank Ocean mostly talks about a relationship with a girl, with Drake mentioning the Resort City just once, in the first verse.

“She pretty but ghetto, pretty but rough, just like Virginia Beach,” the 36-year-old Canadian raps.

Drake and Pusha T’s mostly cold feud has gone on for more than a decade at this point. It’s believed to have started with Pusha releasing “Don’t F–k With Me,” when he seemed to refer to Drake with “rappers on their sophomores, actin’ like they boss lords” while freestyling over Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy.” That came after Drake had released his sophomore album, Take Care.

Both artists jabbed back and forth over the years, with things really heating up in 2018. That’s when Pusha released “The Story of Adidon,” a diss track specifically about Drake that features the rapper in blackface on the cover.

“Virginia Beach” is one of 23 songs on Drake’s eighth studio album, which has a run time of an hour and 24 minutes. You can listen now on Spotify and or wherever you get your music.