HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — It’s going to be rainy and wet. It’ll leave the roads slick and possibly flooded in some areas.

Kobe Schicker, a Portsmouth resident, is looking to stay inside.

“I’m definitely trying to stay in as much as I can this weekend,” Schicker said.

That’s a solid plan, as Tropical Storm Ophelia is set to impact our area.

He does have a plan just in case he has to go out.

“I’m going to avoid the main roads,” Schicker said. “I know a lot of them flood up a lot.”

This will be his first storm like this.

“I moved here just recently, so this is all new to me,” he said.

If you’re like Schiker, here is some good advice.

“Stay home. Hunker down and enjoy a movie and some popcorn as it’s raining outside,” said Ryan Adcock, AAA Tidewater Public Relations Specialist, said.

If you have to hop in the car, Virginia State Police said focus on the road.

“Make sure you are putting your phone down, focus on the road and drive safe from A to B,” Sgt. Jeffery Tharpe said.

VSP said most crashes in this weather are caused by vehicles sliding on the road. Tharpe said a lot of them also have to do with the driver going too fast, so slow down.

“The faster you go, there is more risk,” he said.

Also, make sure to increase your stopping distance so you have plenty of space between you and other cars. You should also make sure your headlights are on. That’ll help you see better.

All available troopers and supervisors will work through Friday evening and the weekend to make sure everyone is safe.

Troopers even change their driving style during these storms.

“You have to modify your driving style,” Tharpe said. “Make sure you keep two hands on the wheel, looking ahead at least five seconds, ensuring there is no debris or cars, checking your blind spots.”

In some parts of our region, there could be pools of water. Don’t drive through it.

“If you see standing or moving water, you want to turn around and don’t drown,” Adcock said.

You can download the Waze app and it’ll show where the flooded water is and then re-direct you.