VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The Norview High School Class of 1963 is celebrating its 60th class reunion this weekend. One of the students in the class made history by helping desegregate Norfolk Public Schools.

Dr. Patricia Turner is one of 17 Black students who bravely worked for equality. She remembers her walk into Norview Junior High in February 1959.

“The adults threw rocks at us; they threw liquid stuff at us; they were yelling all types of names but yet we continued on,” said Turner during an interview previewing the weekend events.

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Nearly 90 students traveled to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to celebrate the class with a dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.

“We have seen the world change and the country change, but people still have a good heart. We love getting together. We’ve always had fun for all the reunions that we’ve had,” said Teen Foshay.

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Class of ’63 reunion organizers raise scholarship money for current Norview students to apply for the Building Bridges scholarship fund. One of the scholarships is named after Dr. Turner. 

“It has been a pleasure to know Pat. I feel for what they had the courage to do at that time. I’m sorry for the things that happened, said Foshay. “We bonded together to try to make society a little better.”

Two Norview students may receive scholarships of $2,500 to make a difference — like Turner. 

“I’ve been with them for 60 years and the beginning was not wonderful, as to be expected. But now this is my class, and I am a part of the class. The only difference is that I’m a little tanner,” said Turner. “I desegregated a white school. But what did I do? What did [I] accomplish? Why are the children erasing me? I’m trying to bring people together of all colors because there are good people and bad people no matter what the color. What I did was to get equality.”

Turner will celebrate her 79th birthday on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

The class of ’63 is looking forward to its 65th class reunion.