PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — At Lake Taylor High school, in December of 1990 sophomores, including 15-year-old Carrie Froman, were working on science projects.

One evening she left her home to walk to a nearby department store off Tidewater Dr., near Southern Shopping Center, to buy supplies for the project.

“As I was walking to the store, he abducted me right out in the open and took me to a local trailer park. He stuck a gun on my back and told me to come with him,” said the victim, Carrie Baggett.

“He made sure he was behind so that I could not see him. The whole time he had a gun in my back,” said Baggett who is now 47 years old.

(Photo courtesy: Carrie Baggett)

Baggett described the suspect as a Black man who was about 5 feet and five inches tall and wore a hooded Chicago Bulls Starter jacket with the hood tightly fitted around his face.

It was semi-deep; that’s all I know because at one point he told me to shut up,” said Baggett when asked about the man’s voice.

(WAVY Photo)

The teenager reported the violent crime and agreed to a forensic examination. The evidence was stored in a box which is known as a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit. Over the years, Baggett says she never heard a single word on whether a DNA match was ever found.

(Photo courtesy: Carrie Baggett)

But last year, after the former attorney general, in 2020, announced the forensic backlog was cleared, Carrie decided to call Norfolk police.

“A young detective tried to help me out the best he could, but he just kept hitting roadblocks,” said Baggett. “He couldn’t find my case at all.”

“I don’t know if mine was destroyed or sitting in storage.”

After learning how justice was served in the 28-year-old Margaret Smith case, Baggett decided to contact Ten on Your Side.

“I figure after 28 years if she can find justice, maybe after 32, which is not that far from 28, maybe I can too,” said Baggett.

According to Norfolk Cold Case detective Jonathan Smith, the police department has reopened the case of the 15-year-old girl who was working on a school project when she was abducted and raped at gunpoint.

Investigators say the Margaret Smith case from 1994 is believed to be the first case of its kind that resulted in a conviction. but it won’t be the last.

Smith urged residents who may have been victims rape to reach out.

“If you are the victim of rape from the ’80s or ’90s, please reach out to us especially if you had a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit taken at the time of the offense. By all means, reach out to us. We will do everything in our power to reopen the case and look at the case.”

Victims can call the Special Victims Unit at 757-664-7033.