Wife of Wawa employee gunned down in Norfolk was there moments after shooting


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Police have charged two men in connection to the murder of 38-year-old Helena Stiglets.

On Tuesday Stiglets’ family spoke with 10 On Your Side about how they are dealing with the tragedy.

Stiglets was a manager on duty at the Wawa on the corner of East Little Creek Road and Chesapeake Boulevard when she was robbed, and then gunned down Sunday night.

Helena and her wife Suzanne had just moved down here and reconnected with family. The job at Wawa was supposed to change things for them. 10 On Your Sides’ Tamara Scott sat down with Suzanne, and she says she was there in those terrifying last moments. It’s something she’ll never forget.

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It was supposed to be a quick visit Sunday night when Suzanne Stiglets came to drop something off at Wawa for her wife Helena.

“When I pulled up, I see her car parked in one of the normal places that she parks at on the side of the store and the lights are on,” she said.

But she would never get that chance.

“So I pull up, but there is nobody in the car, and I pick up the phone to text her and ask her why the car was out here running and nobody in it, she says that is when one of the first officers on scene tells her there had been a robbery.

“I saw a bunch of people in the vestibule between the two entry doors, and she was laying on the floor,” she said.

She thought Helena was having a panic attack.

“I get in there and I get down on the floor and I hold her hands and I’m stroking her hair and I’m trying to get her to relax. Her hands are cold, her jaw is clenched and I’m just stroking her hair and I’m still thinking it’s a really bad one, maybe it’s even a seizure of some kind. I’m just trying to be there with her and let her know I was there,” she explained.

She soon learned her worst fear had come to light.

“I hear somebody behind me tell the police officers that’s arriving, something about all I heard was gunshots, and he immediately jumped in there and rolled her over and pulled her shirt up and there was a nice neat little hole,” she said.

Looking back, she says there is only one thing on her mind.

“I hope she knew I was there. I hang on to that hope,” she said.

Helena’s whole family is trying to make sense of it all.

“Now to be here talking about this and planning a funeral it’s just, it’s so senseless. It just doesn’t make sense,” said her brother Mike Martinez.

He believes Suzanne was meant to be there in her last moments.

“For Suzanne and my sister, for the kind of love that they had, I truly believe in my heart that Suzanne was where she was supposed to be when she was supposed to be,” he explained.

Her mother, is reliving her last moments with her daughter.

“I’m blessed that I got to give her a hug and kiss that morning, and tell her I love her, so I have that,” said Kathi Martinez.

But the whole family is mourning, mourning what they lost. They say their hope for justice is the only thing they have left.

“I know God has a plan for everybody and everything. I truly believe. The two young men. I don’t have any hatred towards them, I have a lot of anger, I have a lot of questions. In time, we might know, but for now I have to hold my family together,” Mike Martinez said.

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