NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — She knows how to party and she knows how to plan. 15 years ago, Norfolk native Dr. Angela Reddix charted a course for a successful health management and consulting company. Along the way, ARDX hit some rough seas.

ARDX CEO and YWCA of South Hampton CEO Michell Ellis Young celebrate the season
(WAVY video/Regina Mobley)

“During the time of our organization, we had the worst recession in 2009 and a global pandemic [in 2020] and we are not just surviving, but thriving,” proclaimed Reddix as her employee-elves for the day hurried about to prep and present gifts for YWCA of South Hampton Roads families.

To celebrate ARDX at 15 years, Reddix and her team of elves purchased 1,500 items for YWCA clients, many of whom are in the lowest point of their lives, running from abuse and other ills. The items included disposable diapers, socks, bathrobes, and all-important hair-care products.

“And that’s what I think about with some of those women who come to the YWCA and they are in shelters. How do we show them that you have support around you so you don’t have to think about surviving? We can help you thrive,” Reddix said.

Reddix is the YWCA’s board chair; Michelle Ellis Young is the chief executive officer.

“It’s unimaginable this what you are seeing here. I don’t have words for it,” said Ellis-Young in a roar of laughter.

But that’s not all.

(WAVY photo/Regina Mobley)

ARDX donated $15,000 dollars for items, such as refrigerators, that might not fit in a Christmas stocking,

“This is a time of year that we have to think about what do we have that we can give,” said Reddix in a challenge to other board members and potential donors.

In addressing employees who helped with the giveaway effort, Reddix commented on the importance of maintaining high standards for the charitable event.

“We got to show up right and tight,” she said.