NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Kadence Morrell’s grandmother spoke with 10 On Your Side about her relentless search for her granddaughter.

She said she hasn’t been able to sleep since learning she went missing.

Kadence was last seen on August 3 around her home on Norway Place. She was wearing a black hoodie, black combat boots, a black mask and pajama pants. 

Her mom told 10 On Your Side that they reported Kadence missing Sunday, but hadn’t seen her since that previous Thursday. Her family thought she was in her room and “not feeling well.”

Lisa Smith is the paternal grandmother of 15-year-old Kadence Morrell.

She said Kadence had a phone, but it required a wifi signal. She also often played with her Nintendo Switch.

Norfolk Police told 10 On Your Side they are concerned for her safety. Smith is worried too.

“We are very concerned about where she is because it’s not like her,” she said. “There was no change in her behavior.” 

Smith said she has never run away and spent most of her time in her room.

“She is basically at home, or she has three friends she visits, and she will stay at their house,” the grandmother said. “She won’t go to the park. She may walk to go to the store.”

It has been nine days since she was last seen. Smith is still looking around for her granddaughter.

“I am continually worried. My head is going a thousand miles a minute thinking. I drive places and just pass out flyers,” Smith said.

Flyers are plastered all across the Lafayette-Winona neighborhood.

“I can’t rest until she is found, period. I can’t do nothing else but keep looking for her every day until she is found,” Smith said.

She said when she drives around she looks in every car to see if Kadence is in it.

“That’s all we want, is her to come back home. That’s it,” Smith said.

Smith isn’t the only one looking for the missing teenager. The co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, Natalie Wilson, told 10 On Your Side they are using social media as a tool in the search.

“To help get the word out about Kadence. I mean, she has been missing for nine days now, so time is of the essence and she could be anywhere,” she said. “We know someone knows something.”

Wilson said social media allows them to spread the word throughout the United States.

She said it’s worrying that it’s been more than a week since someone saw Kadence.

“We need to find her immediately. So many clues could be lost at this time,” she said.

The Black and Missing Foundation helped the family as well.

“We help them work with law enforcement. We provide resources if the family needs it, like flyers,” Wilson said.

She said she was happy to see the F.B.I in Norfolk involved in the search. She said that sends a message that the case is being taken seriously.

If you have information regarding Kadence’s whereabouts, call 911.