NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — In just the span of a couple of weeks, two deadly shootings have rocked Downtown Norfolk.

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Over the weekend, Norfolk police say someone shot and killed 33-year-old Roosevelt Mckinney at the MacArthur Center. Two others, a man and woman, were also injured.

Police believe the shooting started because of an argument over money.

Those visiting downtown on Sunday say the string of violence is concerning.

“Yeah just in a way I was shocked, but I guess, it’s like in today’s world what’s really shocking,” said one visitor. “You have to be prepared for anything.”

The shooting at MacArthur Center is the third one there since 2019.

MacArthur Center was closed on Sunday. A recording said it was expected to reopen Monday at 10 a.m.

Alexus Hernandez was dining downtown Saturday evening when she got an alert about the shooting. “I look at my phone and there was a shooting at MacArthur while I was right here,” she said. “I was going to stop in the mall because I wanted to pick up a few things. I was like this is crazy. Who goes to the mall and thinks that’s going to happen? It’s a little weird especially with it happenings close to the Chicho’s incident.”

In March, two people died, and three others were injured in that incident after someone opened fire on nearby Granby Street.

Hernandez says she went to elementary school with one of the victims, Virginian-Pilot reporter Sierra Jenkins.

“It was random to see that happen. It was unfortunate. I feel like when things like that happen, innocent people are around. Just like with MacArthur, I imagine if I had my kids with me shopping and I’m walking out of the entrance, what if a stay hits one of us?” she asked.

Hernandez hopes the community can come together to stop the violence from happening and believes it could impact businesses on Granby that are hoping to thrive.

“There’s a lot of factors to take into account,” she said. “It’s just sad because I know a lot of Black businesses that are trying to thrive and people are ruining it for what could be something good out here.”

Bryan Brooks agreed that the violence could deter people from spending time in the area.

“I’m tired of this stuff happening in downtown Norfolk. It’s a place where you come, drink, have fun, bring your kids, and enjoy life,” he told 10 On Your Side.

Brooks hopes that even more law enforcement will be present in the area to deter crime.

“We need this to stop,” Brooks added. “I want to see people love one another and care for one another.”

Following the Granby Street shooting, Norfolk police announced there would be more patrols on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

As for those who come to the area and commit the crimes, Brooks has a message for them.

“Y’all need to stop doing it. It’s wrong. You need to get your life together,” he said.