NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Virginia Zoo is welcoming a new batch of goats this year!

Zoo officials say 20 Nigerian dwarf goat moms and babies have taken over the ZooFarm and are almost ready for the public. The goat yard will open at the end of May following the routine quarantine period, however, community members can start celebrating today by donating to the Zoo’s Give Local 757 page.

The Zoo is calling on community members to help provide the best possible summer home for the fuzzy trip – or group of goats. Gifts will help offset the cost of their travel expenses, medical care, enrichment and diet throughout their stay at the ZooFarm. But, that’s not all!

The donations will help with the installation and completion of the brand new goat playground complete with a goat swing, visitors will be able to watch the goat kids jump, frolic and now swing in their new habitat, and of course get in all the goat brushing and petting.

To donate, CLICK HERE.