NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The shootout at MacArthur Center on Valentine’s Day was a dispute between rival gangs, according to a prosecutor in the case. 

Two people were wounded, but will recover, and four were charged in connection with the gunfire in a shopping mall busy with holiday shoppers.

Judge Robert Smith denied bond for Kevin Holloman, 18, who was also one of two people wounded. He appeared in court in a wheelchair from Hampton Roads Regional Jail with his left leg elevated from the injury.

Prosecutor Phil Evans says Norfolk police have certified Holloman as a gang member, and the shootout involved Cream 2K and Portsmouth 300 gang members. Evans says Holloman is associated with Cream 2K.

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“I can’t control whether the police labels him as a gang member,” said Eric Korslund, attorney for Holloman.

Evans showed Facebook pictures to the judge and to Holloman’s grandmother, who testified on his behalf that Evans says shows Holloman in gang colors and flashing gang signs.

“(Evans) also has a picture of him with a firearm. He’s not a convicted felon. He may have been under 18 at the time, but that’s a minor, minor offense, and it’s completely unassociated with this case,” Korslund said.

Evans says it started as a physical fight between members of the gangs. He says Holloman’s co-defendants Dvegan and Dquan Melvin are also members of Cream 2K. Evans called Holloman’s Facebook page a “scrapbook of gang behavior”.

“Certainly it’s possible that the police may have their information wrong and have somebody labeled as being in a gang when they’re not,” Korslund said.

Korslund says Holloman entered the mall that day with one of the Melvin brothers, but without a gun.
He says Holloman picked up a gun that fell to the floor during the physical struggle, and fired it only after he had been wounded himself.

Korslund says he has yet to see the surveillance video from inside the mall, and that it will show what the true sequence of events really was.

Holloman was originally charged with felonious assault, conspiracy and two gun charges. Evans says two new charges will be added – felonious assault by mob and gang participation.