NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – The Virginia Zoo just welcomed a nine-month-old striped skunk named Chonk.

Zoo officials say Chonk was born in May 2021 and was rescued with his siblings just two days after birth. Since he was rescued and raised by humans, Chonk is unable to be released into the wild and has been neutered and descented.

He came to the Virginia Zoo earlier this year to join the Animal Ambassador Program.

Chonk was overweight when he arrived at the Zoo and has been on a specialized diet to help him lose weight. Chonk also voluntarily trains with Keepers to help him get to his ideal weight.

He is trained by Keepers to step onto a scale, which enables Keepers to routinely weigh him and monitor his progress.

Chonk’s starting weight is around 7.4 pounds. The Zoo is encouraging community members to “Get Fit with Chonk” this Spring by following #getfitwithchonk on Instagram to stay up to date on his weigh-ins.

He will soon make appearances on Zoo grounds, however an official date has not yet been announced.

Chonk the Skunk (Photo Courtesy – Virginia Zoo)

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