NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Moderate to major tidal flooding has begun in Norfolk this weekend. 10 On Your Side watched as daring drivers plowed through flood-covered roads and some almost swerved out of control.

We even saw some getting towed after getting stuck.

One driver abandoned their vehicle on Llewellyn Avenue after it got stuck Sunday as they tried to cross the road with Haven Creek swelling over the street. A tow truck later freed the blue sedan.

Water crept up to parking lots just a few yards away at Lafayette Apartments and parked cars were tire-deep in water.

10 On Your Side spoke with one woman off-camera who lives on Larchmont Crest off of Hampton Blvd–another area notorious for flooding.

“At the beginning it made me feel concerned and now I’m angry because city officials know this needs to be fixed,” the woman stated.

She says she’s sick of the constant flooding in her neighborhood and it happens five to seven times a month.

After 17 years she’s had enough and wants the city to fix the flood problem.

“Of the 33 tidal drains in this city, four are at the end of our street and none of them knew that when they built homes here or purchased their home here and most of us would have chosen differently had we known,” the woman said.

The water is expected to rise again in the early morning hours.

It only takes a few inches of water to get a car stuck so if you come across a flooded road, turn around don’t drown.