NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response Director says the city has a plan regarding Monday’s potential major tidal flooding.

The City of Norfolk set up sandbags on Sunday for residents in order to protect their homes.

“I think the wind gusts will be problematic given our ground saturation. As those winds pick up overnight through the day tomorrow,” said Jim Redick, the City of Norfolk Emergency Preparedness & Response Director. “We expect those to be problematic. We expect some more downed trees and downed lines power lines.”

Redick continued by saying the weather could overrun the systems.

“This amount of water will overrun the system,” he said. “This is one of the responsibilities of living with the water. We will get through it. It will come in and go out and we will move on. We have a really good plan.”

Before the weather moved in, crews worked on Sunday to clear out drains and check pump stations. The city also set up sandbags near Ocean View.

“We heard of garage floods from our former owners so we just thought it was a good idea,” Jennifer Jungling, a Willoughby Spit resident, said.

She and her husband, Ian, loaded up their Jeep with sandbags.

“We decided it was free sandbag day we would come out and get some sandbags just in case,” she said.

Jungling is staying home tomorrow because she is a teacher for Norfolk Public Schools and suggests that those who are able to should do the same

“Stay home. Stay safe. Hope for the best, I guess,” she said.

Redick said if you are driving on the roadways, avoid flood roads. He recommends using the Waze app. It will update your route to avoid flooded roadways He also recommend taking in other precautions such as bringing in your outdoor furniture.

“Securing any loose objects that might be in their yards. Prevent them from being projectiles,” Redick said.

If you live in low-lying areas in Norfolk, parking lots and garages are available. You can park in them until Wednesday.

Here is the list of open parking lots and garages:

  • York Street
  • Bank Street
  • Charlotte Street
  • Brambleton Lot
  • Old Dominion University’s Constant Center 43rd Street Parking Garage