NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – While Virginia Beach saw the bulk of the damage from Sunday night’s severe storms in the form of an EF-3 tornado, there was also storm damage reported in Norfolk that the National Weather Service said resulted from 75 to 80 mph straight-line winds in the Willoughby Spit area.

Video above is of tornado damage in Virginia Beach.

The agency’s storm survey crew was in Norfolk Monday and found damage in that area. WAVY’s Kiahnna Patterson reports two apartments and two cars were damaged off of West Ocean View Avenue after high winds ripped through the area. Bricks were stripped off the side of the apartment building and landed on the two cars below.

These winds are being attributed to a severe thunderstorm, as the National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed if there was tornadic activity in this area, WAVY meteorologist Steve Fundaro said.

Emily Butler was driving from her job in Virginia Beach when she heard her neighbor’s Willoughby Beach flat was damaged by the storm winds.

“Putting myself in their shoes and I just feel really bad for them,” Butler said. “I instantly cried and went to call my family and see if they were OK.”

Butler said her friend’s family of four now must find a new place to stay, since the units are considered unfit for living.

“This is trauma, this is scary,” she said. “I know they are going through it, I just hope they are OK.”

Butler hopes someone will help her friend’s family and a single resident until they find a new place to stay, or the siding is repaired.

West Ocean View is about 15 miles to the west of the Virginia Beach tornado site near First Landing State Park and Fort Story. At least 115 structures were damaged in that area, including many homes, but no injuries were reported. It was the first EF-3 tornado (winds between 136 mph-165) reported in Virginia Beach’s history.

The suspected path of the April 31, 2023 Virginia Beach tornado

Virginia Beach has since issued a state of emergency and three schools in the area were closed Monday.