NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Residents in a Norfolk neighborhood say they’re being terrorized by a woman who is stalking and harassing them.

It started as a post on Nextdoor asking for advice, which has then turned into close to a dozen neighbors saying one woman has nearly driven them to the point of insanity.

“She makes all of our lives hell,” said one woman. “I can’t let my kids go out and play. I won’t let them outside by themselves because it’s just too dangerous. She has tried running me over with her car.”

That woman, who lives off of Gygax Road in Oakdale Farms, didn’t want us to use her face or name, but told us in the three years she’s lived in her home, the woman a few houses down, named Susan Neal Matousek, has repeatedly terrorized her and her children by shouting obscenities, filming them and posting photos of her children on social media.

She’s not the only one. We also spoke with a man who lives directly next door to Matousek.

“It’s been a nightmare. She’s constantly harassing everybody and calling everybody names,” the man said.

He told 10 On Your Side Matousek has egged his truck and drilled screws through his fence. He filed a protective order against her last week, and our cameras caught the moment Matousek violated the restraining order when she walked up while recording and shouting.

We tried talking to her, but she yelled that we were stalking her and eventually drove off.

A third neighbor told us she’s called police nearly 20 times about the harassment.

“Sixteen times and it’s gotten to the point where the seventh time, I told them I don’t even worry about them coming out,” she said. “I just wanted it documented. She’ll stand at the very edge and she’ll scream into my bedroom window.”

We looked into Matousek’s criminal history and found numerous traffic violations and charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, stalking, harassment, disturbing the peace, making threats and violating a protective order.

Every time someone in the neighborhood calls police to report an incident, Matousek drives off.

“You’ve got to do something about it before something bad really does happen,” said Matousek’s next door neighbor.

10 On Your Side spoke with Norfolk’s Commonwealth’s Attorney Ramin Fatehi for insight. He told us there’s not much that can be done but advises the neighborhood to keep documenting Matousek’s behavior.

People in Oakdale Farms say they’re creating a petition and are all filing protective orders to get Matousek removed. Matousek was arrested for stalking earlier this month. She bonded out. She is scheduled for an arraignment in Norfolk General District Court at 9 a.m. May 31.