NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A man vandalized several homes in a Norfolk neighborhood and it was all caught on camera. 

Neighbors tell 10 On Your Side a man damaged property at several homes on Chesapeake Boulevard, near Newell Avenue.

A Norfolk resident told 10 On Your Side someone picked up a brick then threw it at their front window.

“The mirror blocked the landscape brick from flying into the house. It protected us.”

She believes the same man walked two doors down, poured out a container of motor oil, and tried to set a porch on fire. 

“He tried to light the motor oil on fire, but motor oil’s purpose is to not catch on fire,” explained Laday. “If he was able to set that on fire, that would be pretty bad. We would have probably gotten hurt because nobody was awake at 11-12 o’clock.”

Navy sailors live in that house. They say they have no idea who the man is.

“It was a little weird. We’ve never really had that experience before.”

All of the neighbors hope their home surveillance camera pictures help the fire marshal’s investigation.”I hope that the guy is found. Hopefully, he doesn’t do anything else to anyone else’s house.”

Norfolk Police say another house reported around 11 p.m. Monday that someone threw a lawn chair into a car windshield.

Officers say the incidents are under investigation.