Scanner audio paints picture of chaotic, deadly mass shooting on Killam Avenue

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — As police continue to investigate Saturday night’s deadly mass shooting on Killam Avenue, 10 On Your Side went back and listened to scanner audio to learn more about the scene.

Norfolk city leaders revealed in a press conference Sunday afternoon two people died and five others were injured after shots rang out in the middle of a house party.

Scanner audio reveals Old Dominion University Police first responded to the area of 50th street after hearing gunfire around 11:50 Saturday night.

“There’s a bunch of stuff going on here at 50th and Killam. I got somebody running around the corner at 50th,” said a first responder.

Another first responder on the scene asked for backup and described the condition of a victim on scene.

“Norfolk needs to […] come to this call. This is a shooting. just please advise them. I’ve also got a victim, a witness was covered in blood over on Colley Avenue,” said an ODU officer on scene.

Victims were found inside and outside the home.

“I got a disorderly crowd. I’ve got a male subject shot in the leg. ODU PD is applying a tourniquet. I have a second victim shot in the head. CPR in progress,” said another first responder.

Some victims were found blocks away outside of ODU Police headquarters.

“46th and Monarch. I have the two gunshot females, one to the ribcage and the wrist,” said an officer.

As more medical assistance was requested, some had issues getting to the scene because of crowded roads filled with cars and other emergency vehicles.

Initial reports from scanner audio also suggested the shooter was still at large.

“They still don’t know where the shooter is. Again, be advised, they still don’t know where the shooter is. Use caution,” said someone from dispatch.

As first responders on Killam Avenue tried to sort through the chaotic scene and transported victims to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, multiple other victims of gun violence in Norfolk from other shootings started arriving at the Level I Trauma Center.

“I just called Norfolk General and just told them they had four possible gunshots coming to them. We just might want to clarify that they can handle all of them,” said another first responder. “They just said they had a few other gunshots they took in.”

The Level I Trauma Center saw such an influx of victims of gun violence they went into lockdown.

“No other citizens are coming in. We got it locked down,” said another first responder.

In a statement to 10 On Your Side Sunday, Sentara confirmed the Level I Trauma Center was locked down for about an hour for the safety of patients and staff due to a surge of patients from a significant incident of gun violence.

The Level I Trauma Center reopened about an hour after it went into lockdown.

Norfolk Police haven’t released any details about who could’ve pulled the trigger late Saturday night.