NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — People in a Norfolk neighborhood are on edge after a series of gunshots rang out during a fireworks show this weekend.

It reflected the increasing anxiety many felt this weekend in cities across the country, and a problem police warn about every year.

A night of celebrating our nation’s birthday this past Sunday quickly took a terrifying turn. In a Ring video that was shared with 10 On Your Side, you can see Kayla LeBlanc holding her young daughter and watching fireworks from her yard.

“Out of nowhere, there was just tons of really loud gunfire,” LeBlanc said.

Her front camera captured the moment when 14 gunshots rang out.

“It was super close to the point where I actually had to cover her ears,” LeBlanc explained.

In the video, she calmly turns and rushes inside.

LeBlanc told 10 On Your Side that less than two months ago, a group of young teens were caught firing a gun outside her Coleman Place home. A bullet even went through her husband’s windshield.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that we just bought our house a couple years ago, yeah, we would absolutely up and move. This is actually the third encounter of gunshots that we’ve experienced within the two and a half years we’ve lived here,” LeBlanc stated.

A few doors down, LeBlanc’s neighbor Brook Sherwood also heard the pops.

“It’s terrifying, extremely terrifying,” Sherwood said.

Sherwood told 10 On Your Side she moved to Coleman Place from South Norfolk where she and her husband heard gunshots daily.

“You just want your neighborhood to be safe and you move somewhere thinking everything’s going to be O.K. and it ends up not. God forbid wrong place, wrong time and you end up getting hit,” Sherwood told 10 On Your Side.

LeBlanc says police were called after Sunday’s incident and hopes investigators find the person who fired a gun so close to her home and her young children.

“This is a scary time we’re living in right now,” LeBlanc stated.

Sherwood wants the violence to stop and says calling police is a “Catch 22” because without knowing the people behind the gunfire and where exactly it’s coming from, she feels like not much can be done.

10 On Your Side asked Norfolk police if they found the person firing shots this past Sunday in Coleman Place. We’re waiting to hear back.