NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – The controversial issue of the Southside Connector Pipeline took center stage on Sunday at a meeting in Norfolk.

As plans continue to move forward across the area– people met at the Attucks Theater to voice their opposition and concerns about the proposed pipeline. 

Part of the proposed natural gas pipeline would run through Downtown Norfolk. 10 On Your Side spoke with a lot of citizens that say they’re unsure about the potential danger a pipeline like this could cause.

During the meeting, the panelists spoke on the history of high pressure natural gas pipelines. They showed examples of recent explosions and potential impact radius, which includes multiple schools, churches and medical facilities.

Richard Kuperwicz, a natural gas pipeline expert, discussed the environmental and social impact this type of project might cause.

“Transmission pipelines, because of their higher pressures and higher stresses, can fail as leaks, but more likely they fail as ruptures,” said Kuperwicz.

Residents tell 10 On Your Side this meeting was helpful to break down what they say they needed to know.

“I knew virtually nothing to begin with. I had serious concerns about the information the provided in regard to the amount of pressure in the pipelines that would be passing under high dense populated areas,” said resident, Alice Allen-Grimes.

The results of a safety study are expected to be revealed at the next Norfolk City Council on November 20. When asked who will be in attendance, almost every single hand went up in the auditorium.