NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A wanted man who was fatally shot by Norfolk police early Tuesday morning had fired on officers who were trying to take him into custody, police say.

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Family members told 10 On Your Side the victim is 41-year-old Antonio Beekman, which police confirmed on Wednesday. His sister told 10 On Your Side’s Jon Dowding he was walking out of his apartment to go to work when he was shot and killed by police.

According to police, the shooting happened around 5:15 a.m. in the 5500 block of Monroe Place, not far from Larchmont Elementary School.

Police say he was wanted in connection to a shooting in Virginia Beach, with warrants on charges of malicious wounding, use of a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Police have not said which shooting it was specifically.

After officers at the scene identified themselves as law enforcement, police say Beekman then began to shoot at the officers, with four officers returning fire. Beekman was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. No officers were injured.

Many other details in the case have not been released at this time. Interim Police Chief Michael Goldsmith has requested the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation to investigate the case, and the department is requesting anyone who lives in the area to reach out with any information.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation, police said Wednesday.

Vanessa Espinoza lives nearby and says it all started when she heard a pop early Tuesday morning. At first she wasn’t sure what it was, then there were more.

“I heard four slow pops that were like ‘pop, pop, pop’, and then it was suddenly faster where it escalated, I guess, the situation. And then there were two or three more gunshots that occurred,” she said.

It wasn’t until she heard yelling that she knew something was seriously wrong. She quickly called 911.

“I heard some yelling and that’s what scared me and alerted me that like this isn’t fireworks, this is gunshots that are happening. Because like nothing ever happens in this neighborhood so it was kind of jarring to me,” she said.

Another neighbor, who wished to not be identified, said the gunfire was a little too close to home.

“At first I thought, ‘Uh oh, it’s someone going by on Hampton [Boulevard].’ Then I realized it sounded very close, and you hear gunshots here in Norfolk quite frequently, and I didn’t give it a whole lot of attention,  except for the fact it did sound closer than previous ones I’ve heard,” she said.

Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Ramin Fatehi was on scene early this morning because the gunfire was a little too close to home for him too.

“Nobody likes having this sort of thing happen in their neighborhood.  I live 5 minutes from here. I understand,” he said. “Anytime there’s gunfire around our homes obviously that’s very disturbing for people and, and people have a right to be distressed about it.”

Even though Tuesday morning’s shooting was an isolated incident, Fatehi says it shouldn’t diminish the need to address gun violence in all neighborhoods of Norfolk.

“Gunfire that happens in any neighborhood is important, just because we have gunfire in Berkley or Ocean View or Huntersville isn’t something we should diminish,” he said.

Espinoza, a senior at Old Dominion University, says she’s okay now, but definitely was shaken up earlier this morning.

“It’s kind of crazy that I’m almost out [of college], but also like, there’s a possibility that a gunshot could have came through my window,” she said.

This is the second police shooting this year in Norfolk. The first happened downtown on Granby Street back in February, when police shot and injured a man who the commonwealth said fired shots in two different apartments.

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