NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – It was a sugar craving so bad, it was criminal.

The Carolina Cupcakery kiosk at the Waterside District has seen small security breaches in the past, but what happened Saturday night takes the cake.

“She jumped up (over the counter) and swung around, got to our cupcakes over here,” said bakery manager Candice Oden.

A woman broke into the kiosk over the weekend, according to a police report filed Sunday. The business owners believe the perpetrator was leaving one of the nearby drinking establishments before committing the cupcake crime.

The police report reads: “a female went crazy at Waterside…was intoxicated and destroyed the kiosk, and ate a bunch of cupcakes.”

“She got into (the cupcakes), security noticed when she was eating them. At that point they walked over to try and reprimand, diminish the situation, then they got in a tug-of-war match over the cupcakes,” Oden said.

Carolina Cupcakery owner Dawn Eskins estimates she lost about $1,000 worth of inventory.

The cupcake caper is seen on surveillance video getting walked out of Waterside by security. From there, the Cupcakery staff tells 10 On Your Side the woman tried to escape via an Uber ride – but it wasn’t a clean break.

“She tried to hail an Uber, ended up falling out of the Uber (and) an off-duty cop was then able to catch the culprit,” Oden said. “We’re very thankful to Norfolk Police.”

The theft left the kiosk with very few cupcakes to sell on Sunday.

“Not only did we have that loss of all that inventory, our sales were really affected on Sunday as well because we had no cupcakes to sell,” Oden said.

A fresh delivery on Thursday meant the shelves could be restocked.

Carolina Cupcakery staff were restocking their cupcakes Thursday after a theft of cupcakes last Saturday left their supply depleted. The store owner estimated she lost about $1,000 in inventory.

While Eskins initially wanted to press charges, she changed her mind after she said the alleged cupcake culprit called to apologize and said she would pay for the damages.

“She was very apologetic; she said she didn’t remember most of what happened,” Oden said. “She was just trying to have a good night.”

Instead, the staff is taking what happened as a compliment.

“She needed one of our cupcakes,” Oden said. “They’re that good.”