NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Old Dominion University police are investigating several larcenies from vehicles that took place overnight.

Old Dominion University students received an alert Sunday morning saying that police were investigating several larcenies from vehicles around Village Lot Two.

Breion Green is a sophomore at ODU and said that his friend told him about the break-ins. Fortunately, his car wasn’t touched.

“My friend told me. He was telling me just watch out for your car. People breaking in and stuff,” Green said. “You just got to like watch your surroundings cause out here kids just trying to have fun doing reckless stuff, so you got to watch out,” he said.

Green said he always makes it a point to secure his valuables and to take most of his belongings out of his car.

“I take all my important belongings everything with me every time I go to my dorm,” he said. “I take all my stuff inside with me to be on the safe side.”

Signs can be seen by the dorm entrances saying that there are cameras monitoring the area, however, many students said they didn’t even know if they worked. Green feels ODU needs to put things in place to stop the thieves.

“It’s not right. They should tighten up on that. Do something about that. These cameras working around here or something,” Green said. “For real, I should be safe to be out here for real. It’s like people be breaking in and stuff. I ain’t come out here for people to break into my stuff. No, it’s not right.”

ODU Police ask anyone with information to call this number: (757) 683-4000.