NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – On Saturday, Feb. 27, Old Dominion University faculty and students will give residents the second round of COVID-19 vaccines at Scope and the Hampton Convention Center.

In January, ODU’s 160 students, and faculty members, began vaccinating thousands of residents as a part of Sentara Healthcare’s vaccination rollout initiative.

The university was approached by Sentara Healthcare to assist with the vaccinations.

Although students and faculty are trained to do injections, they all had to be trained to inject the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines specifically, ODU News said.

For every six students administering injections, one faculty member must be on hand to supervise.

In addition, the students also help with the complicated paperwork needed to track each dose.

The City of Norfolk has emphasized vaccinating the elderly, especially from inner-city neighborhoods where residents often don’t have access to quality health care.

ODU says the students and staff have volunteered to vaccinate those in need through the summer.