NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk State University graduate is making waves in the fashion industry.

The inspiration for this clothing line comes from his old neighborhood, known as Young’s Park.

Everett Johnson started his fashion career at Nordstrom in Norfolk.

“My boss came to me one day at work and asked me ‘why are you here?’ Then she said ‘no you don’t belong here… I want you to go chase your dreams.” Johnson said.

Two weeks after that conversation, he moved to Atlanta to be a wardrobe stylist. He credits several women including his mentor Rashida Ellis for seeing his talent and hard work ethic.

“They’ve put me in some places I never would have thought I would have been. Especially coming from here,” Johnson said as he points to Young’s Park. “They put me on TV shows, movies, and concerts. I appreciate them a lot.”

His team was awarded an Emmy and Grammy nomination for their work as wardrobe stylists.

“I’ve worked with Kanye, Drake, Future,” Johnson said.

He created his own clothing brand called S3KTION8.

“I took it, and I made it art,” said Johnson. “The quote of my brand is ‘I’m from the park but I didn’t play around.’ It’s how I was raised, my circumstances but I didn’t let it affect me. I chased my dreams.”

This year, the S3KTION8 luxury purse line will be featured in three movies. It was featured in Tyler Perry’s hit show Zatima.

“I did all of this last year planting seeds and now they are blossoming,” said Johnson.

He hopes to uplift the next generation with mentorship or advice.

“I want people from this area to understand, this is not the ending,” said Johnson. “I do this for everybody out here. To let people know that we all can make it and just keep going toward your goals.”