Norfolk’s Lime scooters have recorded 4,500-plus rides since June 24 launch


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — If you’ve been out in Norfolk the last couple weeks chances are you’ve seen Lime scooters zipping down city streets and sidewalks.

The pilot program is really taking off since its June 24 launch date, according to Amy Inman, the city’s transit director.

She said people have taken on more than 4,500 rides on the 400 scooters scattered throughout the city.

So far, there have been no reports or any major incidents or injuries. She just wants to make sure people know that you must follow the rules of the road.

“They’re really fun, they’re wonderful, they are for travel purposes, they are not a toy,” Inman told “They are for folks that are 18 years of age or older.”

Most scooters are concentrated downtown, in Ocean View and near Norfolk State and Old Dominion universities. Inman said that most people are using them for their intended purpose, which is transportation.

We ran into one ODU student trying one for the first time. “Because I want to go pay my tuition and not be in the sun forever,” said Becca Beach.

Helmets are not required by law, but they are encouraged. Go to Lime’s website and they will send you a free one (you just pay for shipping).  

Riders must not block sidewalks or block entrances to buildings when they park. You are also required to stay off sidewalks downtown.

You have to ride in the street if the speed limit is 25 or below.

You can leave them in whatever part of town you wish. Just be sure to park at the curb — never blocking access to a building or sidewalk. In fact, the app makes you take a picture when you park in order to end your ride.

“Lime does have employees who will come and rebalance the scooters, so they will put the scooters back where they know the utilization is,” Inman explained.  

You can apply for those jobs, or to become a “juicer” through Lime. A juicer is someone who gets paid to charge scooters at home. You’ll earn $4 per scooter per night.

Scooter rider Tyler Hamm said he is saving time and money on gas and parking meters. “I think I rode it the other day for like 95 minutes and it was only like $10.” 

The city is looking into the possibility of adding more scooters in the future. They are currently working with Lime to determine usage and prime locations.

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