UPDATE: Police in Norfolk have arrested 35-year-old, Nicholas P. Bond.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Norfolk woman is speaking out after someone broke into her home.

No possessions were taken, but she says the unidentified man stole her peace of mind.

10 On Your Side first showed you the video from the burglary in Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood on Monday.

The homeowner asked to not be identified, as she is worried about the safety of her family.

Thankfully, they were not home when the man broke in.

Around noon on Sunday, the woman was checking her phone and saw that her security camera had an unopened alert. She checked the video and was horrified to see the images on the screen.

“This guy was inside my house,” said the woman. “I mean, it’s scary to open up your phone and see a guy in your house.”

The timestamp on the video shows that the man broke into her home around 5 a.m.

The woman called police, who made sure the man was no longer in her house before she returned home.

Man caught on camera during burglary in Ghent area of Norfolk. (Photo courtesy: Norfolk police)

“He didn’t take anything and there was lots of things that he could’ve easily taken that were right there in plain sight, so I didn’t know why he didn’t take anything. But it’s unnerving that he was in the house for 15 minutes,” the woman said.

The only item the burglar did take was the security camera that recorded his face.

“It’s unnerving to know that somebody was wandering around your house for no reason,” said the homeowner.

She says her family has lived in Ghent for 14 years and has never had any issues.

She believes the man entered her home through an unlocked window.

Her advice for her neighbors is to double-check windows and doors.

“Just because you haven’t had a problem in a long time or ever doesn’t mean you won’t, so just be careful,” she said.

She is now upping her security, adding more cameras, more alarms and keeping a gun by her bed.

The homeowner is hoping someone calls police to identify the man.

“Hopefully he gets identified soon and this will all be over,” she said.