NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Last month, 10 On Your Side told you about a Norfolk woman whose car was stolen while being serviced at a local dealership. Now, almost four weeks later, she says she’s getting the runaround and still doesn’t have a car.

“They just cut communication with me,” said Shelly Kralik.

There is still no sign of Kralik’s 2018 Kia Soul which was stolen from the diagnostic machine at Southern Auto on North Military Highway on July 11. The car belonged to her late husband and was fully paid off. Kralik was planning on passing it down to her son.

“I did not ask them for anything other than a replacement. That’s it, that’s it,” Kralik explained.

Kralik showed 10 On Your Side an email from Broadspire Services sent to her late husband’s account on July 27. Broadspire Services is a third-party administrator for Southern Auto. The email confirms an earlier conversation where Kralik expressed her wishes for a replacement vehicle and to be reimbursed for the cost of changing the locks on her home. She was concerned because her house key was inside the stolen car.

Kralik tells us since that email, she has not heard back.

A spokesperson for Southern Auto told 10 On Your Side the company is working with Kralik and the dealership’s insurance company is aware of the situation. Southern Auto will provide a loaner vehicle if Kralik drives it and is trying to help her as soon as possible.

Kralik says she doesn’t want a loaner vehicle because that’s a temporary fix. She’d rather have a replacement vehicle as a permanent solution.

Kralik also questions how someone was able to drive her car off the lot without a single employee noticing, while it was hooked up to the diagnostic machine. Kralik was even emailed a completed diagnostic report which she shared with 10 On Your Side.

“I’ve driven by there. There’s no way you could go in unnoticed. I just can’t see driving, somebody driving in there like that. I asked what time it was stolen and he couldn’t give me a clear answer. If they would’ve called me, there was a tracker on the key,” Kralik said.

On two occasions 10 On Your Side asked Southern Auto if they have video surveillance that may have captured Kralik’s car the day it was stolen. Southern Auto did not respond to that question.

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