NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about an ongoing phone scam.

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Deputies say a caller is reaching out to community members in Norfolk pretending to be Seargent Gill and telling people that they need to pay a fee for dismissal from jury duty.

“Scams like these are rather common and oftentimes the caller will use the name of an actual employee of the agency in hopes of tricking the citizen into sending money. We appreciate the citizen contacting us to make us aware of this most recent scam and are thankful they didn’t send money to the caller,” said the Deputy Imprevento of the NSO Consumer Protection Unit.

The Sheriff’s Office will never call asking for money, officials say. They add that all correspondence about jury duty comes through the mail.

Those who fell for the scam are asked to call the Norfolk Police Department’s Economic Crimes Division or the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Consumer Protection Unit at 757-664-4344 to file a report.