NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is responding to claims of prescription drug use inside Norfolk City Jail.

In a social media post Monday, the sheriff’s office cited a Virginian-Pilot article that reported the claims of a doctor who was employed by WellPath, the jail’s medical and mental health provider.

The doctor, Dr. Matthew Sachs, criticized the distribution of medications to inmates inside the jail.

The sheriff’s office stated that Sachs resigned on April 28 during a meeting with WellPath supervisors who work inside the Norfolk City Jail and Lt. Col. Handley. However, the sheriff’s office refuted the doctor’s claims stating that Sachs had not brought any operational concerns to the attention of Sheriff Baron prior to his resignation.

“Sheriff Baron first became aware of Dr. Sachs’ specific concerns when his office was contacted by a news reporter. Currently, the only information the Sheriff’s Office has is based on the assertions of the reporter.”

The post from the sheriff’s office highlighted Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron’s “well-established open-door policy” for anyone with concerns related to the operations of the sheriff’s office.

“Sheriff Baron welcomes any opportunity presented to him directly to address concerns or embrace new ideas.”

According to the post, the Sheriff has since ordered a “broad review” of medical and mental health operations and is also open to a meeting with Dr. Sachs to hear first-hand the doctor’s concerns.

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