NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — On Tuesday, Norfolk Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Wright was awarded the 2021 Deputy Sheriff of the Year Award at the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference.

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Wright was presented the award in recognition of his actions during an incident near the Berkley Bridge on July 10, 2020. Police say he was returning to his car when he heard gunshots and climbed up the interstate embankment, along with several other deputies, to locate the gunshot victim.

After noticing Norfolk Police, Wright climbed over the fence to assist the victim. Deputy Wright and several bystanders then passed the shooting victim over the fence to where deputies and medical staff from the Norfolk City Jail were able to treat the victim.

“The thoughtfulness, care and compassion for others that he displayed during this particular event, as well as on a constant day-to-day basis is a shining example of his character and we thank him for his acts of kindness and his commitment to public safety, public service, and public trust,” said Norfolk Sheriff Joseph “Joe” Baron. “Deputy Wright’s heroic actions on that day were in line with all of the NSO’s Core Values and we commend him on a job well done!”

The shooting victim survived and the Virginia State Police were able to conduct their investigation.

“My training with the NSO and NPD has placed me in high stress situations allowing me to remain calm and function under high pressure,” added Deputy Wright. “Also my training and experiences in similar situations allowed me to know exactly what needed to be accomplished: start communication to get assets headed in that direction, stop the shooter, tend to the victims, and secure the crime scene.”

Wright has been with the department since 2019 and is currently is assigned to the Court Services/Court Security Division. He is an active member of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team.