NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Norfolk will use additional funding for the Coastal Storm Risk Management to increase community resilience to flooding.

The City and the Norfolk District of US Army Corps of Engineers will use the additional $150 million from President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to fund the design and construction of a multi-phase, comprehensive coastal storm risk management project for the city.

This project will help reduce and manage flooding for major portions of the city through a system of surge barriers, natural and nature-based features, tidal gates, floodwalls, levees, pump stations, and non-structural measures, when it is completed.

The funding allocation means engineers will be able to create complete plans and specifications for extensions of the existing downtown floodwall northwest beyond the Midtown Tunnel — including a floodgate at the Hague — and east toward the Campostella Bridge.

This funding comes in addition to $249.3 million in funding announced on Jan. 19, bringing the new total to $399.3 million with a $215 million required match in non-federal funds.

“The City of Norfolk is leading the way on coastal resilience and adaptation. This much needed additional funding will be used for the first phase of the project from West Ghent through Downtown and to Harbor Park, ensuring the ongoing protection of our residents and businesses,” said Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander. “I want to once again, thank our congressional delegation for their unwavering support of this crucial project. With the completion of this large-scale project, Norfolk will be a resilient city of the future and a model for other cities around the country.”

“I’m very excited about the additional funding and what it means for Norfolk’s people and communities,” said COL Brian Hallberg, Norfolk District commander. “The funding not only allows us to complete the remaining segments of the project’s first phase, but also allows us to continue design work for the other portions of the city.”

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