NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk Police Chief Mark Talbot says crime is down citywide.

He addressed the Norfolk City Council Tuesday afternoon on public safety in the city, beginning by breaking down crime statistics by ward, focusing on homicides, burglaries, car thefts and more.

While statistics differed between each area of Norfolk, one thing was clear, crime is down citywide.

Talbot said as of Sept. 25, homicides, total violence, larceny and total crime are down significantly from where those numbers were this time last year.

“As of Sept. 25, 40% reduction in homicides citywide, non-fatal shootings are down 30%, total violence is down 21%,” he said.

He said the amount of burglaries was the only increase.

“Burglaries are up 8%, larcenies down 25% and, for the first time that we’ve seen in a very long time citywide, stolen cars are down 1%.”

10 On Your Side spoke with community activist Bilal Muhammad ahead of Tuesday’s meeting to see what he was looking for from the chief’s remarks.

“We need to sit down and, I hope with this meeting,” Muhammad said, “that the City Council can become more aggressive, more effective in the communities conversing with the residents. We’ve got to converse with the residents.”

After the first part of Talbot’s presentation, Norfolk Mayor Kenny Alexander, along with the rest of City Council, gave Talbot a round of applause for his contributions in lowering the amount of crime in the city.

The chief also mentioned that the crime center will be fully functional by February or March 2024.

He ended his remarks by thanking his police officers, saying police work is emotionally and physically difficult.