Norfolk mother plans to move out after townhome shot multiple times


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A single mother in Norfolk says she is fed up after her townhouse was riddled with bullets last week.

“I’m fed up, I’m frustrated, and now I’m not really feeling fearful, I’m feeling numb,” said Sherelle McGoogin.

“They found the shells around this gate around these bushes,” she said of a spot nearby her home.

McGoogin says police found eight of them outside her home off Lead Street, with the bullets aimed right at her bedroom windows.

Most of the windows are shattered, and have since been boarded up.

“A bullet is still in this one. This one went through and hit the washing machine,” she said about the bullets that made the holes.

However, the scariest part for McGoogin are the bullets that ricocheted through her three girls’ bedrooms, inches from where they rest their heads.

“It was tragic, it was real tragic. My daughter went to school the next day and had to go see the guidance counselor,” said McGoogin.

After a battle with the complex’s management, she’s getting out of her lease early and is on the search for a newer, safer home.

“We were home Monday, we were home Tuesday, and just so happen, I took them to my mother’s house Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, those gunshots came in, and had we been here there’s no telling. It’s God’s grace,” she said.

To make matters worse, something similar happened back in 2016.

“I was moved in this unit because I was feeling unsafe. People walking up top of my head, they shot their gun through the floor and it came through the kids’ room then,” McGoogin said.

Shs hopes her story will encourage the complex to take better security measures.

“If people knew this community was protected, they’d think twice before doing something [like] shooting literally in someone’s back window,” she said.

Norfolk Police confirm they responded to the call and are investigating Wednesdays incident..

WAVY News has not yet heard back about possible suspects.

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