NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A drive-by shooting in Norfolk has a man taking his neighborhood’s safety into his own hands.

This is after police say they responded to a call this past Sunday around noon on Maltby Avenue. No one was hurt, but shell casings lined the street.

A man who’s lived in the area for almost three years tells 10 On Your Side Sunday’s shooting in broad daylight was the last straw.

He’s since purchased a high-tech eight-camera surveillance system with a price tag of almost $1,000.

“Faces and license plates and things like that to about 200 feet,” said the man who wished to remain anonymous.

The system is comparable to the fixed camera systems some Hampton Roads police departments are hoping to implement to catch criminals.

“Even at night I’ll be able to tell the color of a vehicle or read the license plates to about 130 feet at night,” the man explained.

Money well spent he says after hearing gunfire while working on his yard.

“I was working in my side yard and it only happened about 40 feet from me so when I turned around after the shots had occurred I saw the silver sedan speed away,” he recalled.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting are staying tight-lipped when approached by police.

“It really upset me that nobody was able to give an eyewitness account to assist police and I feel like that’s our civic duty to assist the police in solving crimes in our neighborhoods,” the man stated.

Sunday’s incident is the last straw that influenced him to buy such an extensive security system.

“After New Year’s of 2019, me and my wife came home and we actually had a bullet come through the back of our house and found a bullet laying in our spare bedroom on the ground,” he said.

He told us neighbors need to speak up if they see something.

“There’s times when I’m not home and my wife is there alone and I want to make sure that she is safe and drive-by shootings on my street does not give me confidence that she is safe,” he said.

He says his new surveillance system will be up and running before the end of the weekend.